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What is Brewtap - Social



Over the last few months Brewtap has gained a lot of interest, we’ve also had a handful of questions asking what we’re about and asking for more information about the features that we will be offering. We've decided that over the next few months we’re going to be putting out some articles that highlight some of the main features and why it’s important to us. 

As we’ve said on many occasions, the brewing community is one of the most open and supportive communities you’ll be able to find. There’s always someone who’s willing to chip in and offer some advice but if you're new to brewing, knowing where to turn initially can be very difficult.  

We want to offer something that will allow everyone to share with other brewers what they’re up to, engage in conversation, share recipes and generally show off their awesome beers. We believe having a fully integrated social feed that pulls in objects from within our app (brew experience, recipes, calculators) is an integral part of our mission to create an amazing experience for all brewers. 

Right from the start, we’ve wanted to ensure that the whole app is very user friendly and I think we’ve done a great job in doing that especially with the user profile and social feed. We’ve been working on this for over a year now and some of the elements have changed but we wanted to show you some of the original designs and explain how it’s going to help you engage with the wider brewing community. 

User Profile

First off, user profile page. Each user will have their own profile page and this will be populated with content that only they share. We wanted to keep it simple and very intuitive. Out of the box, we’re looking to allow users to share words, images, videos, recipes (that have been saved inside brew tap), brew experiences and any external links. Any of the items above that the user posts will then appear on their profile. 

Social Feed

Next up is the social feed. Once you follow someone, their posts will then appear in your social feed. This is a nice way that you can scroll through all the people you follow and engage with their posts in the way of a reply or a like. 

Like I said, we’ve moved on a little with this and the design is a little different but we believe we’re heading in the right way and we believe you’re all going to love it! Please do feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think you can email us at info@brewtap.beer . 

Make sure you sign up to our free beta mailing list which will give you early access to the app and nice discount when we launch. Oh, and one other thing, I promise we won’t spam you.