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What Is Brew Tap - Recipes



Over the last few months you might’ve seen a couple posts that highlights the social features & the brew experience. Hopefully you’ll know by now that our goal is to essentially simplify things and that’s especially the case when we’re talking about our recipe builder and finding other recipes.

Equipment Profiles

Before we go any further, let’s talk about the equipment profiles and how we’re trying to make this as easy as possible especially for beginners. If you’re lucky enough to have any of the 'all in one' brew systems e.g Grainfather or Braumeister. We’re going to have some pre-built profiles for you to pick (which you can modify if you wish). If that doesn’t work for you, we’re going to give you the option to build your own profile as part of the account creation. 

As I said earlier, we’re wanting to make sure the whole process is as easy as possible and without any unnecessary jargon and if we end up using terminology that some beginners might not be used to, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to make sure that each terminology is clearly explained with supporting information and videos where required, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you're an experienced brewery, you can hide all this information.

Publice Recipes

Once you’ve created your profile you can instantly brew a public recipe (assuming you have the ingredients) in a matter of seconds. When you’ve arrived on the public recipes page, you’ll be able to search for a beer based on a wide variety of data such as beers style, recipe type, ratings and even beers your friends have brewed. 

Once you’ve found a beer you’d like to brew, you will be able to click on the ‘Brew This Recipe’ button. After supplying additional information such as how much final beer you would like, what equipment profile you intend to use, etc. Once you’ve given all the correct information the recipe will then automatically scale for you but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to make adjustments where needed. 

Recipe Builder

We’re going to make this nice and simple for you. We’ve got a very long list of ingredients that’ll auto complete as you type.  If our list of ingredients isn’t enough for you, you’ll also have the opportunity to manually add your own ingredients. 

As you add ingredients to a recipe, you’ll see everything automatically adjusts, for example, your estimated original gravity, final gravity, ABV, etc. You’re going to love it and did we mention that once you’ve added the recipe, you’ll be able to pull it up and use it as a base recipe for your brew experience?

If you allow your recipe to be public, you’ll be able to share it with all the Brew Tap users and be able to see how many people have cloned your beer. Overtime you’ll see what they’ve done with your original recipe. We think this is a great way to keep pushing the boundaries of your own beers. 

We’re really excited to get the app in your hands and we’re going to have some exciting announcements coming your way in the new year. So, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned.