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What is Brew tap - Brew Experience



Following our recent post that highlights some of the main social features of the brew tap app, we’ve decided to talk about the new Brew Experience that we’ve come up with. For a while now, I found myself picking up my phone during my brew days to take some pictures, check my recipe, set a timer or write some notes down. This is helpful but the data I store (photos, notes etc) is normally saved in 3-4 different places on my phone and it’s often lost or poorly annotated. So we’re offering a nice solution the means all your data in stored in one place, whilst ensuring you can share your latest brew day with your network if you so wish. 

As I said in the original post, We’ve been working on this for over a year now and some of the elements have changed but we wanted to show you some of the original designs and explain how it’s going to help you throughout your brew day. 

When you create a new brew experience, it’s really easy. To start off you just select a saved recipe or if you’re creating the recipe from scratch on the fly you just manually enter in the ingredients and volumes etc and your ready to do. 

Once you’ve selected your Recipe, the water volumes, ingredients etc will automatically adjust for your system based on your saved data you had previous stored e.g efficiency, total water loss (grain absorption, boil off etc). Then you’re good to brew!  This is exciting, there are many services out there that do this but we’re keeping it simple and all you need to do is give us a couple figures and we’ll work out the rest.

Throughout the brew, you’re going to want to write some steps. There’s no rules here, you get to write what ever you want and as much as you like whilst snapping up any images of your hops, ingredients or even some bbq food you have going. This is for you to make it your own.  

We’re excited for you to get your hands on the app and as we take another step closer to launch, we believe that the brew experience is going to speed up the time you speed re-writing your notes, keep everything organised, resulting in you having more time to brew or have a couple beers at the end of your brew day.

With the early signups launching in the next few months, Make sure you sign up to our free beta mailing list which will give you early access to the app and nice discount when we launch. Oh, and one other thing, I promise we won’t spam you.