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From the moment we created our Instagram and Twitter accounts the content we’ve put up there has been good but one of the key features of Brew Tap is that you get to connect with individuals and that it has a personal touch. We’re going to make some changes today that’ll hopefully help all our followers feel part of our journey as we take another step closer to launching our exciting home brewing community. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably get a lot of joy and excitement when you invite your buddies over to join in on your brew day or your beer gets lots of positive comments. It’s a two way thing. It’s time that we invite you into our world. 

Today, we’re launching a youtube channel. We’ve got some exciting content planned such as brew day Vlogs, beer tasting, home brewery interviews, Q&A’s and much more. Whilst we’ve got some general themes we’ll be covering, it’s also really important to highlight that we’re going to be inviting you into our world. As we get closer to completing the app, this will be your opportunity to get the inside scoop with everything Brew Tap. 

So, if you’re interested, make sure you subscribe to our brand-spanking new YouTube Channel and join me as we create an awesome community for home brewers.