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We need your help



Shaun here (Founder of Brew Tap),

It’s true, we really do need your help. We’ve been able to get pretty far with the build and design of the app but to really make Brew Tap the best product we can we need your input. 

We’re going to give the opportunity to a limited number of people to get access to Brew Tap before anyone else and also earn a life time membership. 

In the next few weeks we’re going to launch our online feedback groups where you’ll have the opportunity to see the app, talk about your needs and help us create an amazing app. These groups will run once a month and will take place online. We’re going to cap the amount of people in these groups at 20 for the first cycle. 

How do you join?

All you need to do is email us at info@brewtap.beer and as part of that email we’d like to answer the following questions: 

1) How long have you been brewing for? 
2) What do you think you can bring to the table?
3) What days and times are best to meet online? 

If you would like to add something else please feel free but by answering those questions it will help us put you in the best group. 

Once we’ve received the email we will reach out to take it to the next level. 

Together I believe we can really create something that we’re all really proud to use.