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DIY Dog 2017 (v3)



If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably used both versions of Brewdog’s DIY Dog recipe guide. To date, I believe I’ve brewed about 14 different beers from the recipe guide and I’ve been impressed with the result and thanks to this document my knowledge has increased a lot with regards to the importance of ingredients and the impact it has on the final product. 

On the 20th March 2017, Brewdog released their newest recipe guide with a bunch more recipes, in fact, you can now download the pack for free and get access to 262 recipes for you to replicate at home. 

Regardless of your experience, Brewdog have made it very accessible and thanks to their brief but informative guide to brewing on the first few pages, you’ll be up and brewing in no time (assuming you have all the gear). 

Tips on using the DIY Dog

1. Don’t let it limit you, be creative

Ok, so if you’re new to brewing then maybe sticking to the recipe would be helpful for the first couple brews but once you have the whole brewing process down, why not play around with ingredients and try to make the beer your own. 

2. Take notes

There was this moment once (it’ll never happen again) when I forgot to make notes about the brew e.g when I added hops, temperatures etc and it was the best beer I have produced to date. Don’t be a fool like me, make sure you make notes so you can replicate a great beer or learn from your previous brews. 

3. Give the twists ago

If you’re trying to get the beer as close as your can to the original, it’s suggested that you use the twist suggestions. These are normally helpful tips that will take your beer to another level. Although they aren’t required, it’s worth giving a couple ago. Oh, and check out the brewer’s tips, they are also really helpful. 

Anyway, make sure you head over to Brewdog and get your hands on their free recipe back catalogue. If you decide to brew any of the beers make sure you let us know how it goes.