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Advice for new homebrewers v1


Brewing Tips

Everyone has a very different story about how they got into all-grain brewing and every person will give you a wide range of tips when it comes to starting out but over the next few weeks we’re going to be posting a whole bunch of tips that we believe will help any newbie to brewing take the next step. 

Small batches / Split large batches

The main difference between a ‘beer kit’ and All-grain brewing is that you’re taking a bunch of ingredients and combining them to hopefully create a good beer that you can call your own. However, creating a good beer can take some time to develop an understanding of how each ingredient could impact the final product. Creating small batches (1 gallon) is a great way of understanding each ingredient. 

When it comes to understanding hops and yeasts, you could try brewing a large batch of a simple wort and split it into smaller batches. For each smaller batch, you could then try swapping out different yeasts and hops to see the impact each ingredient has on the final beer. 

Don’t get sucked into buying lots of expensive equipment

There are far too many companies out there they have some very nice products for sale, products that if you can afford them will help improve your beers. At the beginning, you can start with a relatively small investment. It’ll be very hard to find a home brew shop that doesn’t sell an all-grain starter kit which will contain everything you need for a $200/ £200ish. 

Find a community

Learning as a whole can be difficult but I’ve heard even the pro brewers talk about the how important it was to have people around them who they were able to learn from. If you want to become a great brewer, you need to have a community around you, period. Having people you can get advice from, to try your beer and give you some honest opinion is really important. 

Where ever you are in the world, you should be able to find at least one home brew meeting not too far from your house. Failing that, you can always start your own. 

We’re working hard to finish our app which will help connect you with other brewers from around the world so make sure you sign up to our early sign-up group at the bottom of the page. 

Keep brewing 

Let’s face it, you’re going to have a couple brews that might not turn out how you expect, maybe it gets infected or you get the recipe wrong. It’s ok. Head to the home brew store or order some more ingredients and brew up a storm.