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Learn from our mistakes to ensure you create great beer.

We spoke to Justin Cross from Earn Your Booze to get some information about how home brewers can improve their health.

Recipe Spotlight

We love the guys over at Toast Ale and we've decided to spotlight their recipe. Home-brewers assemble!

We're launching our Tryanuary challenge to brew some awesome new beers that you wouldn't normally brew.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we're going to make 2018 awesome!

There’s only a couple more days left of shopping before Christmas. We've created a short list of stocking fillers that any brewer would love to receive.

Sam Calagione's new book written with the guys from Beer Advisor. We've read the book and brewed one of the beers. Check out what we think. 

The third in a series of articles that'll introduce you to some of the functionality on offer in our home brewing app. This time it's all about the recipes. 

Porter Image

You can't beat a great porter in the winter but what is a porter? Where did it come from? We answer all these questions for you. 

christmas table

3 tips that will make planning your Christmas beers a lot easier.

Beer event image

Make sure you get the most out of the next home brew convention your go to by following our tips. 

We've highlight some of the equipment & tools any beginner would need to create awesome beer at home.

spending image

Everywhere you look as a brewer, there's plenty of objects you need. We've tried to knock this on the head. 

Coffee Beans

We love beer at brewtap just as much as coffee. Let's combine both. 

replicating homebrew image

3 simple tips on how to replicate a great home brew recipe.

Winter is just around the corner. We look at how this might impact home brewers.

Recipe Spotlight

We did some research and brewed up one of the most popular seasonal beers. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to visit Oktoberfest in Munich. Here's a some insight of Oktoberfest 2017.

Tasting comments on our peach saison which we brewed a few weeks back.

A review of our time at the first ever Beavertown Extravaganza.

The second in a series of articles that'll introduce you to some of the functionality on offer in our home brewing app. 

The prospect of creating your own beer recipe can be daunting, we've tried to make it easier.

Join us as we brew up our own take on a saison. 

We picked up a mystery box from the team over at Beer Hawk. 

Looking for ways to change up your current brews? We've given you a could suggestions to change things up. 

Looking for new ways to use your spent grain? We've searched high and low to find a bunch of different ways to use your number 1 brewing waste product.

A review of the SS Brew Tech brew kettle.

Recipe Spotlight

We've got into a little detail about one of our favourite beers. Oh, and we've given you a recipe to try out. 

Kettle image

We've created a short list of items that all brewers should pick up. This is a list with a difference.

We've highlighted some of the differences between ale and lagers. This is ideal for any beginner looking to get their head around the styles. 

Image of ingredients for small batch

Read about some of our thoughts about why downsizing your batch sizes could make you a better brewer. 

The first in a series of articles that'll introduce you to some of the functionality on offer in our home brewing app. 

New feature has been added to Brewtap. Now you can submit your brewing problems and get personalised responses. 

With hundreds of home-brewing books on the market, it can be hard to know what to buy. Look no further! 

A summary of our time at the Beer Mansion event run by Brooklyn Brewery. 

Beer at the title

The first of an never ending blog series giving advice to new home brewers

Buffalo Induction burner

We've been brewing beer using an induction burner for a while. Find out what we have to say about it. 

We’re launching a youtube channel with some very exciting content. 

Brewdog releases v3 of DIY Dog for free. Shaun shares his tips on getting the most from it. 

Recipe Spotlight

Our friend, Wicked brew was inspired by his family to create this exciting and flavoursome beer that reminds us of summer.

Ss brewtech bucket image

A review of the Ssbrewtech Brewbucket fermenter. 

Recipe Spotlight

Our first recipe spotlight. A beautiful centennial IPA. 

Help images

We need your help so we're launching some user feedback groups. 

backpocket image

A few tips on making the jump from extract to all grain brewing on a budget. 

Beer and chips

Hear from Shaun as he highlights 5 ways you can improve your beers.